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"not sure that is overkill"

Your watercooling 6 HDD"s and plan on using 4 Alphacool UT60's, you went overkill a long time ago, haha. Don't even get me started on your Quad-Sli. biggrin.gifrolleyes.gif

Personally, I think you should just stick with two pumps. Two MCP 655's at full speed have more than enough power to handle what your giving them.

Instead of laying the tube reservoir out horizontally, what about placing it outside of the case vertically?

Yah its a bit OK... But I wanted something I wouldn't have to upgrade for awhile ...

There is a guy that posted a Red / Black TJ07 /w Crystal links in the water cooling section that gave me some inspiration lol. The way he designed his made me want to go somewhat of the same route.. Not sure yet on it tbh..By the same route i mean the way he setup his pumps and res's

He did a awesome job...

I seen that and then decided to copy his pump / res config's and place the HDDs on the opposite side still with liquid cooling and deck out the other side in some Acrylic..I plan to rebuild the motherboard tray on this M8 for better cable routing also.
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My advice... get down the gym... this is going to weigh an absolute ton. It's one of the reasons I stopped water-cooling my HDD... the other being they are a pain to swap out. I never water cooled 6 though!

Bah I'm former military. I'm still in shape ! The 6 water cooled HDD's are only for backup purposes. I use DVD FAB for my blue ray collection and backup all my Blue ray movies to HDD's and stream them throughout my house to my kids rooms, Tablet etc.. The only reason for so many is that alone !! They take up a TON of space .
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