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H80i Install Advice

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I'm getting ready for my first OC. I've got plenty of air flow already in place and actually already have a water cooler, but it's old so the H80i will hopefully out perform my current unit.

The H80i comes with thermal paste pre-installed.

Is it advisable to remove it, and use a better quality thermal paste, like Arctic Silver?

I've never replaced / installed a cooler before, so I want to do it right the first time. I've already been researching proper techniques for installing the paste too. thumb.gif

Thanks for any help.
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The stuff they provide on those is crap, I would remove it and put better stuff on it !

A small pea sized drop in the middle is a good way to do it and it spreads when you lock it down on the
cpu , the cooler should always be right side up

best way to install it if you can

fan-cooler-fan at the back of the case (120mm fan hole)

are fan-cooler

note that you want to mount it before attaching it to the motherboard ! MAKE SURE THE BRACKET IS ON THE MOTHERBOARD BEFORE INSTALLING!

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If you have Arctic silver or IC Diamond, you can remove it. Otherwise no really point in buying some just to get a 1-2 degree difference. Other than that, be careful with your screws. If you use the wrong ones you can punch a hole in the radiator fins.
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