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Zowie AM-FG tracking issue

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Hi, so i got the Zowie AM today and encountered tracking issue on both QCK+ fnatic and regular black. Also tried only on table (wooden) and paper if it helps. On different PC it does the same thing. This is what it looks like:

For comparison my IMO 1.1

Any other frequency or DPI didn't help, if anything, higher DPI makes it even worse.

Is there any way I can fix this, or should I just RMA it? Thanks
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Oh and it doesn't do that when I am just moving the mouse around, only when I press the button.
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Doesn't sound like dust or dirt on the lens then. Seems you should RMA it.
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Might be some problem with the custom lens used. Also, I remember tracking issues with mice under pressed buttons when some parts aren't seated properly inside that cause the sensor to move ever so slightly. Maybe it's just a matter of applying more torque on some screw. However I wouldn't void my warranty over a clear RMA issue.
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Thanks for the response. I've just connected it to the pc again and it doesn't do that anymore... If it comes again I will try to RMA it, but I'm afraid that when they test it for this issue it won't be there again. Anyway, I'll post how it goes.
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Alright, it started again, I guess I will RMA it then
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Maybe this?

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