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Radeon 6950 cooling help

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Hello all,

First of all I want to say big Hi to all of you since I'm new to the forum smile.gif and also please forgive me for any grammatical errors smile.gif
Second thing I want to ask you guys is because a few days ago I got myself Radeon 6950 for a bargain and was thinking to do some litecoin mining with it. Assuming that I will need to change thermal paste and all first I, in my infinite moment of wisdom, scrubbed off old paste along with all thermal pads and used Cooler MAster V1 paste to replace paste on GPU as well pads on mem. chips and VRM. I now have these temperatures when I do the mining witch stresses GPU really hard:

I now wonder if I did the right thing because a some people say that replacing pads with paste is a big mistake but also that Sapphire Radeon 6950 on mem. chips have distance of 0,5mm witch can be effectively replaced by paste.

What do you guys think I should do next? Should I buy some 0.5mm pads for mem. and 1.5mm pads for VRM and change them or just to leave like this since my temperatures don't rise?
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Them temps are fine but take it off n check the spread
I would concider putting pads back on vrms though n did you paste both sets
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I've pasted the whole thing... GPU, 8 mem. chips, VRM's, and even that tini thing that had pad for it too. I'm gonna order those pads tomorrow and after I remove heatsink from the board I will see what needs to be changed... but since I'm doing it I can as well put the pads back on where they belong...
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Guys I need your help...

I have ordered 0.5mm thick pad for memory chips and 1mm (and 1.5mm just in case) thick pad for VRM. Is there any1 that knows what thickness should I use for mem. chips and VRMs on Stock cooler for Sapphire Radeon 6950.

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How was or is the paste spread on the cooler
Use the .5 mm for ram and for the vrms use the 1mm threre only a tad closer to the pcb than the rams
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