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i7 950 + 780 GTX + 580 GTX Matrix

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Hey guys just received my EVGA 780 GTX to refresh some my game from having the Asus 580GTX Matrix, I know overkill or don't really need it but I am impressed with most of the improved fps and benchmarks in games like Dirt 3 and Tomb Raider at full settings.

My question is I have a EVGA x58 ftw3 with a stock i7 950, I believe that the first two PCIe run at x16 when there are two cards used there, but I had no space in between the two cards, so I placed the 580 down in the third slot which runs at x4 I believe, but in doing so, does that take any performance away from the first slot since the second isn't used? Am I possibly bottlenecking the new GPU by not overclocking the i7 some?

I hardly noticed any performance improvements when I placed the 580 as a dedicated PhysX card, I know that much isn't needed but it's all I got. Anyone have any tips or which games would greatly improve w/ a dedicated PhysX? Or should I just sell the card and don't even bother?

Thanks guys. Your thoughts are appreciated.
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That's funny our system is very similar lol. I have an i7 950 @ 4.2 ghz that only gets to the low 70s loaded as well as an EVGA x58 tri sli mobo. I'd say at stock clocks you are very likely bottlenecking your GPU in some games. I would be very interested in seeing how your set up performs in Metro LL with phys x enabled. Although I think a 580 is way overkill for a dedicated phys x card. I'm not sure about your question of if having the 580 in the third slot drops the first slot to 8x but I don't think it does.

I would definitely overclock your i7 950 as best you can while it's stable and temps are tolerable. Then hook us up with some with some benchmark numbers for the Metro 2033 and or Last Light benchmarks. Borderlands 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum are a couple other games that use phys x. thumb.gif
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Nice, yea I'll definitely startup again this weekend, still pretty new at the oc.

You mind putting up your bios settings so I can just reference them, I know no two systems are alike. I got up to 4ghz but it wouldn't stick.

Using h100. I have metro and batman so I'll test those out with different configurations.
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So I threw up a quick 3.6 oc to my i7 950, just to test the games.

Even with the 580, metro on highest setting was running 70 fps and dropped to around 30 during the first fight in the game with all the lighting.

Arkham City, min 27 max 139 avg 74 during the benchmark.

Tomb Raider min 54 max 98 min 76

Final Fantasy XIV ARR 7782 with 580, 8450 without, I know not a PhysX game, but eh this is what I plan on playing.

So far only minimal improvements with the 580 as dedicated PhysX if anything, I'm sure it's my current system x58 that's bottlenecking, guess I may sell to upgrade to Haswell. If I wanted dedicated PhysX, what would be a more appropriate card where it's not overkill.
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Also using gpu z, it shows the 780 running @ 16x while the 580 @ 8x, think that be an issue, I've been reading that 2.0 vs 3.0 and x16 vs x8 have minute differences that we wouldn't really notice through gaming. I could be wrong, just going off from what I've read.
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Went up to 3.9 oc.

Solo 780 GTX.

Arkham City min 33 max 147 avg 80

Metro same basic results

Tomb Raider min 59 max 101 avg 79

FF ARR 8910

I think I'm going to sell the 580 GTX
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you can monitor what bandwidth your cards are running at with GPU-Z.

when running two cards dont forget to install clean drivers as well as set the physx processor to the second card (i believe its the GTX 580 in this case) in the Nvidia Control panel. because i know by default its set to "auto" or "CPU" and i manually change that to what ever i want the to run the physx.
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Yea I tried both auto and manually set the 580 GTX as the dedicated PhysX, really did not see any real improvements, I just OC my i7 950 to 3.9 and that helped a lot with just a single GPU, I think my system is the bottleneck but the 580 GTX is an overkill, what kind of card would I need.
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I've decided just to stick with the 780 GTX, having both in case seems to mess with the air flow.

Just need to figure out how much an Asus Matrix GTX 580 goes for, anyone know anyone interested?
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