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Board Power Li

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I just wanna know that can board power li kill my motherboard?
Cause when I OC'd my Gigabyte 7850 2GB card to 1050/1350 with +20% board power li,then after a few days I turned on my comp after 10 minutes it froze,then the whole comp shutted down,I couldn't turn it on anymore.It was an Asrock Z77 Pro 3.Could it be that my power supply is not enough?It's a CoolerMaster GX 650+80.My other hardware are fine,but the motherboard died.So I bought an MSi Z77A-G43,and I want to OC my card but Im afraid that it's gonna happen to this motherboard too.I really need some help/advice.Thank you all in advance!Sorry for my English!
Whole system:
Intel Core I5 2500K 4.1Ghz 1333 6MB Cache
8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz
CoolerMaster GX 650+80W
MSi Z77A-G43 OC
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Please don't use CoolerMaster. If you look on johnny guru, he rates them as a sub par PSU manufacturer as they pretty much lie about their specs. You should really invest in a good power supply to keep your components supplied with clean power. Please look into getting a power supply with atleast the 80 Plus Silver rating (Gold is better too smile.gif ). I highly recommend Seasonic, Corsair AX and maybe even a NZXT Hale. Don't take risks if you have the money to spend. At most its going to cost you 80-100$. If you value your system then you should supply it with clean power.
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Okay,thank you very much for taking your time to respond to my thread! Then I start collecting money for a new Corsair PSU!
Should I get 700 or 800W Corsair PSU?
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if you plan to upgrade then stick with an 800W PSU. Otherwise 700W is more than sufficient for your sig rig.

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Okay,thank you for your time!
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