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actually when haswell hits 90c-100c it automatically downclocks or thermal throttles i have seen them downclock from 4ghz all the way down to 1.2ghz when thermal throttling which will meen you will barely ever see your overclocks potential for anything.

I wonder how this is triggered persay. I had mine up to 105 before I delid' and it didn't throttle. Course that was right around the time I realized just how awful the IHS was and how necessary a delid was =p

Now mine runs at 85 under load.. but that's IBT load. I don't think anything gets your chip hotter =P That's at 1.5v and 4.9core/4.7uncore. I don't mind because apart from synthetic load, it runs very cool. Its great for gaug'ing ultimate stability but ive ran every chip I have ever owned between 1.4 and 1.5 and have yet to have one go on me. My Q6600 ran at 1.45/3.6 for like 7 years and is still kosher =P

like anything YMMW but ultimately how many people do you really see posting they killed their chips? Use some common sense and don't get too crazy and unless you plan on running a vintage machine, im pretty sure you can get away with quite a bit.