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Sounds romantic, right?
The third part of BS even interested me, because in this game the player is not the main character, it is Elizabeth!
She helps, she takes us through the make-believe world!
If we could not wait for the DLC Infinite, add something special to the game, things change ...
Or we can??


«BioShock Infinite» - a computer game developed by the studio Irrational Games.
Irrational Games, why you cann't provide a program for unpacking/packing resources to push us to create a simple little modification. Thus, the game will live: one year, two years, three years etc. Perhaps you afraid that the game will be stolen?

* Arguments

Information-modification (Click to show)
Do you know the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Wondered why the great popularity of this game?
Take the first part. Normal graphic for that time.

Completed the game once, twice - then becomes uninteresting. The gameplay, texture - monotonous, boring.
GSC had slightly encrypted archives. Players interested in what will happen if the change ...
Not programmers, not hackers, but just the players.
It all started with textures and models:

Now let's see how the game changed today:

2007-2013 - 6 years and still people are interested in this universe.
Beautiful, is not it? That didn't stop following parts in sales!
Ditto with the GTA, NFS, Skyrim, Half-Life, Minecraft ... I can list a lot of games, but the ones, who i called - the already popular. Guess why?

* Modification or fiction?
First (Click to show)
We return to the BioShock Infinite, what we have discover?

Open ...\Bioshock Infinite\XGame\СookedPCConsole_FR
This is where all the innards game (textures\models\scripts etc.)
Files .tfc and .xxx
Hm, you need to start somewhere. Download and install the Unreal Development Kit, look for the answer there.
In the directory with the program found .tfc, but the second format absent.
We compare two folders:

Engine.u - 
Core.u -

Hmm, let's leave, it is still useful to us.
Second (Click to show)
Once again, open ...\Bioshock Infinite\XGame\СookedPCConsole_FR
Maybe we should look for something else? Found!
CachedPackageList.bin and SubLevelManifest.manifest - open notepad.
So, what do we have here:
In the .bin contains information: What is the format of files was to encrypt. For example:
And what about the other files?
..\..\XGame\Content\Maps\SP_Boardwalk\S_BW2_P_PLV.upk - ..\..\XGame\CookedPCConsole_FR\
..\..\XGame\Content\Maps\SP_Boardwalk\S_BW3_P_FWIT.upk - ..\..\XGame\CookedPCConsole_FR\ ..\..\XGame\Content\Maps\SP_Boardwalk\S_BW3_P_PLV.upk - ..\..\XGame\CookedPCConsole_FR\

So programmers from Irrational Games purposely encrypted files.
Format .xxx is: the format .upk, and format .u
What's in .manifest?
Now it is clear why so many files in the folder CookedPCConsole_FR: the first part (S_TWN_P) - this is the main file, the second part (S_TWN_???????) - loadable. Here's how it works.
Research (Click to show)
At the end of the previous section we discussed S_TWN_P and format it .xxx
We use the UModel (UE Viewer). Author: Konstantin Nosov (Gildor).
With this program we can see what's inside the file. Open :

The first texture is directly in, second - texture barrels (GunBarrel_A_Loot_DIFF) is loaded from Worldtextures1.tfc

Earlier we wrote that .xxx = .u = .upk
Studies have shown that the files .xxx store small texture size as 32x32, and .tfc loads more as 1024x1024. It is made for graphics.
Check this out: we remove WorldTextures1, WorldTextures2, WorldTextures3. What we see:

What is this? You should not see the person, and in general the game should not start!
It turns Unreal Engine is able to pass the lack of textures as well as games that were made by him.
As described above, file .xxx able to operate without global .tfc

So this dependency: WorldTextures1.tfc <- -> all other parts specified in SubLevelManifest.manifest

By the way, let's check the availability S_TWN_P in CachedPackageList.bin to encrypt what format it was:

We have yet another resolution. So the format .xxx = .upk = .u = .xcmap(NEW)
Where are the stars? (Click to show)
Unfortunately, Ken Levine and his team did not know about this message. Look at Anna Moleva, the face of BioShock Infinite. The girl received an invitation from Irrational Games after a few months! And what to say about us?

Thus, export and viewing available. To create a modification, it is necessary to pack a file so that the game took them!

I turn to you, the reader, will be able to find/create a packer for the sake of Elizabeth and the new additions to the game or you weak?
Secret (Click to show)
P.S. For those who are not tired of looking at all this, and became interested in:

P.S.S. Here is information transformation commands from\to .xxx, .u, .upk ...
Perhaps I missed something and you will find something that will help in this matter! Commandlet
Parsing-message prepared Driv3r.