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This has been happening for a while now. Basically, every hour give or take a few seconds, my internet will disconnect and come right back up 2-3 seconds later. But it's just long enough to kick me out of online games, etc. I looked at Event Viewer and Event ID: 8033 'The browser has forced an election on network \Device\NetBT_Tcpip_{8FB8E76D-5D85-4037-9621-FA7FE5D1609F} because a master browser was stopped' happens to show up around the time frame that my internet goes out. Can anyone offer some insight on the matter? It's really frustrating because I play some games at a pretty high level.

Also, not sure whether or not this has anything to do with it because it doesn't show up concurrently with my internet going out, but Event Viewer also has this - Event ID: 7036 'The WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service service entered the stopped state.' I just figured I'd add that because it seems like something to do with networking.

I'll also add that I'm almost certain it's a software issue. First of all, my girlfriend who sits right next to me and is wired to the same modem, has no internet problems. I also purchased a NIC to replace the onboard one a couple weeks ago just in case the onboard NIC had gone bad. I've uninstalled my network lan drivers and reinstalled the latest version. Hell, I've even reinstalled Windows. I've had my ISP send out technicians to switch modems, and I've even changed cat6 cables.

Thank you!