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I wish I knew something worth teaching so I could trade! tongue.gif (sorry!) I knew as soon as I verified my Windows Key and Casually installed some programs i'd be seing a format soon
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You're gonna kill me......It looks like you'll have to reinstall windows again! Changing from MBR to GPT is gonna kill the partition, thus its gonna kill your windows install.




I think these are the things to read smile.gif
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I've been reading a lot of this since you posted it, but there are so many sub links from each page it's making my head spin. I think the quickest couple of questions are what is EFI mode, do I need it for what I am doing and lastly am I stuck if I do need EFI and don't have a USB Boot Drive? frown.gif
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ummm your testing the limits of my knowledge - i've neither a UEFI board, nor any drive larger than 2TB. So I really have no experience of this. BUt from the gist of what I skimmed over, you need to install some file driver thingy into the EFI BIOS I think, so it can recognise and boot from the GPT formatted disk.

I think you need to read this - http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jonathan.deboynepollard/FGA/efi-boot-process.html


that might help as well
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Gave up in the end, too tough for me. I'm back to two 2TB drives. I learned a lot though, thank you smile.gif
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Well there's always the other way, if you ditch the caching......You could install the OS on the SSD, THEN set up the RAID. That should give the performance boost, and your OS should boot in no time! The only down side to RAID 0 is if one drive dies, you loose all your data, not just what was on the single drive. Though I suppose with the two drives separate, you can still have the SSD caching? It's kinda hard for me to figure out which setup would be best.
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