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Trouble finding the right mouse

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I'm one of the many people searching for a good mouse, but I'm a bit more unique case: I'm a leftie. Some games I play left, some right. The games I play right-handed are mostly FPS and the like. I play as a leftie when it comes down to MMO games (think World of Warcraft) and League of Legends. RTS games like Command & Conquer and Company of Heroes is also with mouse in my left-hand. Perhaps you're thinking now like "sounds like you need an ambidextrous mouse!"

When I play left, my positioning may seem awkward. You would think I place the mouse at the left-side of the keyboard, but it's actually in the middle beneath the keyboard. This means that the mouse cord is actually lying ON my keyboard, and that can be quite annoying as it covers some important hotkeys, which are located around the enter-button and the arrow keys, which I use to move around if necessary. Continueing your thoughts: "oh definitely get a wireless one then".

Well, I'd want a wireless one, since I also like to watch movies and such on the couch, at 5m distance of my PC, and being able to (un)pause whenever is want is lovely ofcourse. But now we're down to a wireless AND ambidextrous mouse. I've been searching for hours every day the past 3 weeks and it seems the only match for this is the Razer Ouroboros. But this mouse doesn't seem to get positive reviews (mostly for the sensor and quality) and there doesn't seem any alternatives either (yet).

Well, there's the Gigabyte Aivia, I bought this one in summer 2012 but in February it broke down. It stopped responding quickly to my clicks and the mousewheel wouldn't scroll at all anymore. The Ghost-program closes on start-up. Reinstalling it, formatting my PC even, nothing helps. Now it just function as wireless mouse for when I watch movies on my couch, since the leftbutton still works (so far). I'm currently use my 6y old logitech corded mouse.

So, choices. I could go with a wired mouse, but then I'm still faced with the problem that cord might lie on the keyboard. Or I could learn to play right-handed, which opens a lot more options but it's also a very difficult choice. I've been playing MMO's left-handed for 10+ years, and I'm afraid I can't adjust anymore. Can't teach an old dog new tricks eh?

As for the mice themselves, when I play left I seem to favor fingertip grip. Righty, palm/claw grip mostly. I think I'm fine with any grip though. I've been to a store where they had the Ouroboros, Logitech G700, Razer Naga Epic, Cyborg RAT 7 (or 9? It was wireless) and they weren't too small for my hands. Holding the right-handed mouse (Logitech G700) with my left-hand felt quite weird, and I could barely reach any of the extra buttons. My maximum budget is actually 100 bucks, but since I don't have a lot of choices, I'm willing to go above that amount. Additional buttons, at least 3 (for MMO's) that I can reach with either hands would be lovely.

I think I covered everything, feel free to ask anything if it helps or giving advice. I hope you gentlemen can help me. In the meantime I'm going back to the store to continue trying their available mouses in my hand.
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If you are concerned about the tracking quality, I wouldn't recommend a wireless at all. If not, RAT and Ouroboros should do.

You could also buy a separate (wired) mouse for desktop use and a remote or a BT mouse for the couch.

As for your issues with the cable... I have no idea how your cable is ON your keyboard, it would probably be better just to re-arrange your stuff normally
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