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Just ordered mine smile.gif

Red switches with red backlight

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Im thinking of just getting the standard DS3 as its out on the 19th of August. Do you reckon the YOTS is worth the wait?
I will be away from the 1st of september till about december so that will be the time I would be able to use the YOTS (Away for studies etc.)
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As cool as it'd be to get another Ducky in a different LED/switch (have the orange LED YOTD version right now), I can't justify spending another ~$180 (after taxes) on another keyboard, especially since mine is still working as good as the day I got it (true testament to their quality right there since I've had it for nearly a year now).
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Yeah, I also thing the DS3 isn't worth it to those who have the DS2.
I just found out someone has two white led DS3's ready to ship in each switch.
Now the dilemma is even worse.
Go with the standard DS3 and get to use it for 3 weeks or wait for the YOTS and get to use it in a few months time.
Normal DS3 is also £50 cheaper.
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Your choice in the end, but I don't think you can really go wrong either way. The non-aluminum KBs are very durable/solid as it is. The one thing I'm not liking about the YOTS is the colour... If it was black aluminum, I would have caved and bought one myself. But I'm not sure about the two tone colour scheme... Add in the colour of the LEDs and there's too many colours going on IMO.

On the other hand, if you do like that colour way more than the standard black ones, I'd wait it out if I were you. The alu models will be even better quality wise (rightfully so).
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Yeah, if it was black aluminium, I'd be all over it.
I wasn't so sure about the colour at first, but after some pictures, it looks like it could work
It's just that, I've waited for almost 2 years for a mech keyboard because of bad timing. I think I'll get the standard one. Really want to get my hands slamming some cherry mx switches!
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Oh man, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them, guaranteed!

I know for the YOTD models every colour/switch combination were still available nearly a year after it released, so no rush as I'm sure it'll be the same with the YOTS models. If you can though, I'd test out each of the switches if you haven't already, as they really vary. Personally, I'm satisfied with the browns both for gaming/typing but wouldn't mind a little less tension, so now I'm looking at trying out the reds.
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But we're the YOTD limited in quantity? I can imagine, due to it being aluminium, it'll sell a lot faster and the limited stock the UK will get will vanish.
I just got word from the company that it's a preorder, tried to get more buyers -__-
I've tried all the switches and it's definitely going to be reds.
Blues sounded nice but the tactility felt horrible and useless to me. Also, my double taps weren't registering a lot of the time.
Browns didn't feel nice like the blues. I find, if you press the blues or browns at a normal speed, the tactile dip doesn't make much of a difference.
The reds felt beautiful tongue.gif so smooth and soft. Blacks were a bit too hard for me, felt like my fingers would get tired after a while.
I'm actually pumped for the mech keyboard.
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Yeah they were limited as well, but Ducky may have been a little less popular back then: http://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=135
Limited Edition. Less than 200 Year of the Dragon keyboards are set to be released in the United States.

They may, but then again there's a pretty hefty price premium for them. That's just my hunch though... There'll be plenty of resellers all over the place (I'm sure there'll be a few Asian sellers on GeekHack that'll have inventory, if they don't already since there were some posters that already had them in local shops there a few weeks ago). I know ncix.com has a pre-order going as well right now, and they do international shipping. I just don't see them selling out... but I could be wrong... So feel free to pre-order if you think you'll be disappointed without the alu version.

I agree on the blacks. A little too stiff for sure. I actually don't have much trouble double tapping on the browns, but that could be because I've been using them for quite awhile now. Good to hear another vote for the reds... The more I'm talking about this, the more I'm thinking about getting another one myself now. Only reason I'd choose the DS3 over the now on sale DS2 is that they'll be coming with 108 keys.
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On the subject of Blacks, I've had my Clears for a week now and I'm finally getting used to them. They are a bit of a chore, I'm used to Browns but if you give it some time you'll find it's not to hard to adapt. Using Clears has given me a better appreciation for Browns however. Especially on the Ducky, Browns on a Ducky just feels so much better than on other boards with Browns that I've used.
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