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I'm considering to buy this... thinking.gif ...Website Link to Calbre GTX670 biggrin.gif

Personally, I think it's an awesome price for a 670 that's slightly faster than or equal to a stock 680 out the box ( thumb.gif ) with some OC headroom left to play with wheee.gif

I've come to realize that I do not need to spend $400+ for the 770 if I can find a gpu like this that's in the same tier with the FTW / FTW Sig2 670s. I only want a single card, I'm playing games @ 1920 x 1200, and I'll probably use this card for my mATX build for the next 2 to 3 years at minimum. Do you think this is an awesome deal for this card? Does Sparkle make reliable gpu's?

Please do not recommend 700 series cards to me. I'm only looking for the best deal for a 670 with an aftermarket cooler, custom pcb or 680 pcb at this point winksmiley02.gif

BTW...After previous experiences with NewEgg, I will buy a 2-year extended warranty that will bump the overall price to $404 (including shipping). I like having the insurance for simple exchanges & returns for whatever hardware I buy from NewEgg thumbsupsmiley.png

Let's pretend this thread was never created whistle.gif ...You can check my sig to see what I had ended buying wink.gif
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