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Pulled the trigger on an SM8

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Thought I would post here and share my excitement with all. After much debate I've decided to purchase the SM8 with a few extra options; 31mm Vented top cover and 360 Radiator Flex mount. All parts are Matte White! It was pretty tough to stomach the cost at first, but I have a feeling it will be well worth it. I'm hoping to get a few years of good use out of this case while leaving me room to grow in the future.

Theme of the case is going to be White/Blue/Black with all the standard goodies. I'll be sure to post pictures when I get the case, followed by a build log.

For now it seems the hardest part of this whole thing will be finding a way to dust filter the front 360 radiator in the flex bay. I'm leaning toward custom white DCMEi filters installed on the inside of the case.
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Using a dust filter inside would prevent dust getting inside the case but... ti would get into the radiator a lot!
And the rad itself would be an excelent dust filter by the wat xD so the filters wouldn´t help too much.

What hardware will you be using on this build? Maybe if you change the airflow direction you could use the front rad as an exchaust and avoid the filters on it.
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The hardware I'm transferring from my rig is in my sig. Essentially it's a rebuild, Crossfire 7970's, Z77, 3770k, Corsair Vengance Ram, Seasonic x-1250, and SSD +HDD.

The custom loop includes:

Swiftech Radiators - 480QP and 360QP (480 up top - 360 flex bay mount)
MPC 655 w/ EK D5 QCS Top
EK 150 Multi Res
EK Supreme HF CPU block
EK FC7970x GPU blocks
Fans - Gentle Typhoon AP-15's
Bitspower Compression Fittings
Mayhems Pastel Blue

The radiators will be swapped for Alphacool 80mm or 60mm at some point down the line, I'm trying not to break the bank this time around.
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