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Hello everyone,
yesterday,i bought this graphics card and i noticed an strange noise issue witch is not from the fans.When i load a game and i'm in the main menu it starts "screamming" but when i load my save everything is fine.The same thing happens when i'm trying to render in Autocad.
I found this video on youtube wich has the exact same sound ...What's wrong with my card?Should i return it and take a new one?

Thank you for your replies..

PS:The rest of my pc parts are these:
antec 900/Chieftec 850 W/asus maximus v formula/i7 3770k/corsair vengeance 8giga 1866 mhz/2x60g OCZ Vertex 3 in Raid 0/WD chaviar black 500 Giga+Hitachi 1Tera