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Bit at loss, constant freezing.

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Hi all, I recently moved back to Canada from Brazil, I brought my comp in pieces in my bags well packed, (the MB in it`s original packaging). Now I reinstalled everything with a North American Win7 and my comp keep freezing randomly and every time I do specific things ( like trying to install GW2 from disc OR install it via the Dloader. It don`t BSOD, it just freeze.

Here is what I tried so far to nailed out what is the cause.

I tried various GPU ( each of them with a new OS installation) 1x 6970 2x 6970 with different drivers, 1x 5770 I even tried an old GT8800 I had in the closet, same freezing.
I ran Mem test and got no error.
I tried installing the game on different drives, SSD and HDD
I unplugged everything and replugged them
I reapplied TIM on my CPU
I used every new driver version of my RIVF downloaded them directly from Asus.
I am about to update the BIOS of the MB, Ill post result if it changed anything.

Oh and there is no OC anywhere until I figure what the hell is going on

Any other idea??
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Have you tried to plug the card into another slot? The slot may be bad.
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