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Hi all,smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif

the set up is

Intel Core 2 Duo E6420
Foxconn G9657MA - 8EKRS2H rev 2.1
2G DDR2 667mhz (generic)
geforce gtx 460 top 768mb
Artic 750W PSU
Win 8 pro 64bit

I have been oc'ing this since last night. i want to see how much improvement there is "in game" with the clock increases.

the game I am testing the system on is Crysis2 min spec req as follows..

Minimum: 2GHz Core 2 Duo / A64 X2 CPU, 2GB RAM, 8800GT / HD3850, 512MB Video Memory, DX9.0c, Shader Model 3.0, Windows XP, 20fps @ 1024 x 768

I have oc'd quite a few different boards and processors, from the latest to the earlier 468 socket pentium 4's.

I have struggled oc'ing this set up from the bios but have had pretty good results with fox one.

I wonder if anyone has any direct experience with this board..

The latest bios is 631F1P61 which is installed.

I notice in the bios that the FSB will only go to a max of 333.. but with fox one it appears unlimited; was able to run prime 95 with

(1g single module ddr2 800mhz)

350 fsb ( 2.8ghz ) v. 1.5
ddr2= 1049mhz v. 2.3 +.65
nbdge= 1.95v +.20

I realise that the voltages are basically max safe volts and there is probably room to bring the voltages down and probably the pcie a couple of points, particularly the vcore.

It seemed to me that it's the RAM which is stopping the cpu clocking further..I am aware the board is rated to support fsb 1066 but the board seems pretty stable.

i.e if i hit a hurdle I would just increase the dimm voltage a bit and that would do it...

(did read some one intentionally tried to fry their particular DDR2 modules and it took 3.3v's before that happened.. read that generally 2.1-2.3 v is considered safe.)

I only had one lonely stick of PC2 6400 800mhz lying about and was not able to gauge any in game performance benefit due to insufficient RAM with the 2.8ghz o/c.

I went back to running 2g ddr2 667 today with a view to getting the best clock and then testing in game performance for any improvements..

The best clock I have tested stable at so far was

309 fsb ( 2.478ghz ) v. 1.42
ddr2= 775mhz v. 2.11 +.45
nbdge= 1.86v +.12

failed at 315 with these voltage settings...

I notice in the bios you can specify DDR2 speeds as AUTO, XXX, 667, 800.

i had left the setting at auto yesterday when oc'ing with the one stick of ddr2 800.

And i also left it at auto today..

Now I know the CPU can clock way beyond 2.478Ghz is there any way to change the ram:fsb ratio so that the ram is less challenged and allows more head room for the CPU to be clocked?

And/or if I loosened the timings (max available is 6,6,6,15 vs current SPD=4,4,4,15) would that be an effective way to let the RAM clock higher thus allowing the CPU to go on it's merry way?

Does anyone have any direct experience with this combination of processor and board that could be helpful please..?

From my research these Conroe chips are generally great oc'ers..

Incidentally, I tested the 2.478ghz clock in game (vs standard 2.13ghz) (crysis 2) and noticed a significant improvement in smoothness, this title is totally playable, which is nice.

I know my GFX card is being held back by the cpu by a reasonable degree and it's interesting to see in real world terms how much actual difference there is during game play as the CPU core speed increases.

Any help or comments would be most welcome.thumb.gifthumb.gif