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For Sale:
Asus E35M1-I Deluxe E350 motherboard. SOLD

Will Ship To: US48

I'm looking to sell my Asus E35M1-I Deluxe motherboard still like new... I have the box, CD, manual and accessories. I barely used this motherboard. I believe I paid about $190 at the time from Newegg. I made the mistake of buying a case that was too small with no vents so when I did use it I had a fan sitting on the heatsink. I was going to buy an Antec ITX case for more room and airflow but changed my mind and am deciding to sell it.

It's a nice little motherboard, I used a 120W Pico PSU and it pulled about 28 or so watts just browsing the internet. Speed is quite a bit better than an Atom with the dual core AMD E350. Nice and speedy with an SSD.

I'm looking for $100 shipped USPS Priority Mail, let me know if you need any more info or better pics. Any other items in picture (case, ram, PSU, HDD, etc) not included but i'm willing to sell them if you have interest.
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