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Voltage for i5 4670k

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My first attempts at overclocking and its been trial and error but I seem to be able to run 4200 mhz stable @ 1.12V @ 73C stressed. Isn't this voltage extremely low for this overclock? I'm asking this because ive seen others throw numbers around 1.2 or even much higher ( although they overclocked a bit higher like 4500 or 4600mhz ).

I know low voltage is better as it reduces heat but does a lower voltage also mean your CPU will last longer? Hopefully someone who knows more about this subject can clarify this up for me. Thanks.
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Lower voltage and low heat both equally extend a processors life. Haswell does have a heating issue even at lower volts, which can only be amended by delidding and replacing the TIM.

I always have believed that heat is what kills a processor more than volts. Haven't you tried going any higher?
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