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Hi, I have a Zotac Infinity Edition GTX580 that is having a problem, part of which I think I can cure on My own, the other part since this is a closed loop water cooling system, the card is able to cool the ram and the vrms, but I'm not sure that as setup that the block is doing that correctly, does anyone here own one besides Me? I was wondering if I could replace the thick thermal pads with thin gray thermal pads made by Koolance? The problem I'm having is that the card downclocks from 815MHz or 772MHz to 405MHz and the temp could be anywhere between 58C and 72C when this happened and the drivers don't seem to matter as I've tried drivers from 301.24 to 320.18 under Windows 7 Pro x64 sp1, of course I bought the card used and I'm stuck with it as I'm beyond the refund point as the problems didn't show up until after the refund time limit expired...

I may have to take the card off of the block to see if the vrms, ram and gpu are making proper contact. So some Koolance thermal pads and AS5 heatsink compound may be in order, it's that or replace the card itself.
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