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What died in my computer?

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Well....I can't explain in words easily what is happening....so here is a very short video of it:


Please take a look

This started happening lat night. When I was watching YouTube videos, (thru onboard audio) thru the separate sound card on my g110 keyboard, or through my preamp (fast track m audio) I got crackling sparaticly. As if the aux connection wasn't in correctly....even though the preamp and keyboard are USB. Shortly after, my long trusted overclock.....blue screened on me. I was surprised...but,..it's an old CPU...It was overclocked to 4.1 ghz at 1.5v, so I wasn't too surprised after a while of this. I went into the bios, and reset to a lower voltage and clock, because I am getting a new motherboard and an 8350 soon, (in a few pay checks, so maybe a month). I turned my system back on, and everything was working fine. I started up my bitminer, and using my 7950 OC I ran it for a few minutes, when my speakers popped, and everything shut off. And wouldn't turn back on. Mind you, my motherboard light was still on. Power was still running. I unplugged it, flipped the power switch on my psu a few times...eventually it turned back on,,,but then it keeps doing what it did in the video I took.

Obviously something bit the dust. I'm not sure what.

Psu? CPU? Mobo? I want to know so I can buy and replace whatever it is first, I need this system running....I have no replacement to throw my drives in and get by.

Currently I am the number one hip hop artist in CT, this is my only way of recording tracks....and I am on deadlines.
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I would suggest putting the CPU to stock clocks and remove everything you don't need in your computer. So take out your sound card, all but 1 stick of ram, etc, and see if it works any better.

Do you have any other hardware to swap in and test such as a different PSU or video card?

The fact that you can get to a windows loading screen makes me think it's the HDD though. I can't think of any specific programs at the moment but there are several that are good for testing your HDD.
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Oh god. I backed up most important data. But it's set to back up every week. That day was today. It didn't backup for a week. But...Ubuntu is installed on my second 500gb hard drive, and can get to the desktop befor it shuts down. As long as I can get that data off....I'll be completely fine. I ran windows repair from the disk, and it tried to auto repair, and when it couldn't, I checked the errors, and everything in the disk was fine, except for one.

system files integrity check and repair, error 0x2. Googling didn't help me.

I'll try that much....but seems weird. I was under full GPU load and my disks died?
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