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BSOD GPU related

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So in the past to days I have had 4 BSOD and I think there are video card related because it mention ati drivers so I was wondering if anyone could help me make sense of these logs which I got from Blue Screen View and direct me to what the problem may be. Also it only happens when one (7970) of my 3 gpus is pushed hard so Im wondering if it may have over heated and suffered damage or if its software related. I dont think its drivers because I have had the same ones for a month or two but I am reistalling as I type will report back.

BSOD 1.txt 2k .txt file
BSOD 2.txt 2k .txt file
BSOD 3.txt 2k .txt file
BSOD odd one out.txt 2k .txt file
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On my 7870 i get crashes once in a while when playing intensive games for several hours. What happens to me is the PC will first freeze up for a second, then make this weird buzzing like noise, then the screen will go blank. The buzzing will continue on until i restart the PC. On the other hand, my 7770 has never done that in the 6 or 7 months ive had it!
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Yeah that sounds like mine screen locks the display cuts or it blue screens.

Edit: ok the exact thing you described just happened in Skyrim... I may RMA the card as the performance of it has dropped in the past to day to the point where its noticeable in general gaming and use.
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