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Good day people,
several days ago I had some minor issues with my internet connectivity so I decided to restart my computer. After restarting my monitor said "no signal" and went into standby mode.
I checked all the wires and since I didn't find an issue i opened it and reset my gpu by taking it out of the MB.
When I put it back in I got error code d6. Which means:"No Console Output Devices are found".
On a different forum I read I should reset my MB by "removing the battery for 20+ seconds". I did this and afterwards started my computer. It worked, the windows logo showed up, however when I reached the login screen it froze and the monitor said no signal again.
I simply turned it of and back on again, this time it showed the motherboard screen and then asks me if I want to start windows normal. Also it now shows error A3.

Very thankful for any kind of help. smile.gif

Additional information:

Monitor: Asus VK 192
MB: Asrock p67 pro3
GC: NVidia Gtx 460 Zotac