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Quake 2 Revolution 2013!

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Hi everyone! My Quake 2 name is beaver. Quake 2 and all the mods that go with it are alive and active. check out q2servers com for list of all quake 2 servers. Tastyspleen net host a server for just about every quake 2 mod.

I personally love Quake 2 CTF! ACMECTF Com host a buncha of CTF servers that are active 7 Nights a week

Railwarz CTF is my fave. Railwarz is instaGib CTF +hook. If u ever played Lithium Railz +hook or like instagib you should def check out ACME Railwarz server

all ACME CTF servers are located in Washington DC. There is 1 other railwarz server located in Texas. ACME Railwarz server is busy most every night around 9-10PM Eastern and people playing til Midnight and sometimes later Eastern time.

Lokis Minions CTF has the most organized League thats currently in season 5 of LMCTF Beatdown. check LMCTF Com

RA2 - if u like rocket arena 2 is Busy every Tuesday and Saturday Nights until pretty late into the AM

DM and Vanilla servers are busy all day/night everyday and night. hosted by Tastyspleen

Whale - its WOD is busy through out most of the day everyday too!

Check q2servers com for all active servers.

register on the forums to be part of the active quake 2 community

railwarz com
acmectf com
tastyspleen net
lmctf com

find LMCTF and Railwarz CTF on Facebook and Steam!

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Monday Night Railwarz June 17th 2013

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