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FortLAN Summer Bash This Friday!

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Hey guys, I've been lurking around OCN for quite a while now and decided to sign up today. Anyway, I thought I would promote this LAN party that I'm going to this Friday and Saturday in Fort Wayne, IN. All the details are posted below. Please come check it out. I will be there representing the gaming community known as Stompfest. Come check us out.

FortLAN II Summer Bash!

FortLAN II & Charity Food Drive: for Community Harvest Food Bank a local charity in Fort Wayne

Time June 14th 6pm – June 15th 9pm

Cost $20 you get a seat, power, internet/LAN, Lanyard (to be worn at all times), and 1 General raffle ticket.

Registration http://www.fortlan.org/events/fortlan-ii-06142013-06152013/

Age limit- 16 and over. Parents must sign waver if under age 18.

Optional food tickets:
$5 Saturday Morning Breakfast – Sausage and Unlimited Pancakes – by twodavez
$5 Saturday dinner – Pizza & 1 Pop

On site for Sale
$2.00 Rockstar
$.50 Cans (Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Spite and Diet Coke)
$1.00 hotdogs, or nachos and cheese

Chips, Snacks, and bottled water will be provided (you may bring your own for yourself or to share).

Location –

The LAN will be located on the 2nd Floor of Andorfer Commons inSeitz Conference Center rooms 205, 206, 207.

Parking and entrance is located on the North side of the building off of E Washington Blvd, Stairs and an elevator is located on the main floor.

A push cart is available for use on the handicapped ramp.

Restrooms are located to the left of the Conference rooms around the bend.


Smoking – Indiana Tech is a Smoke Free campus, Please help us keep it that way. You may smoke in your car or off campus.

No drugs or alcohol

Guest, friends or family may come and watch for 1 hour and must be escorted by the attendee (see staff member for further accommodation).

No Illegal file sharing

Please stay within the designated areas; we are renting the conference rooms not the whole building.


Genral Raffle- Each attendee will get 1 Raffle ticket for Sponsor supplied prizes. Tournament & contest Winners will also get a extra Genral Raffle ticket
Charity raffle- We will also have a separate Raffle where tickets are earned through bringing non-perishable food items. You’ll get one ticket per item (up to 50 items per person) for the special raffle. Feel free to stack the raffle by bringing more items, the real winner is the charity receiving the food! But, you might walk out with a new motherboard and more…

Sponsors- Please Thank our sponsors in our forums or Face book pages
Indiana Tech ( location)
Intel www.intel.com
ROCCAT www.roccat.org
Seasonic www.seasonicusa.com
Lepa www.lepatek.com
Enermax www.enermaxusa.com
ADATA www.adata-group.com
Silverstone www.silverstonetek.com/
Plantronics www.plantronics.com/
Logitech www.logitech.com/
CPU Magazine www.computerpoweruser.com/

Print & sign Waiver
Back up your Files -
Update Steam
Games that should be installed and updated:
Leagues of legend
Counter Strike:Go
Team Fortress 2 (free to play)
Stracraft 2
Supreme Commander 2 and DLC

What to Bring:
Computer Monitor – No larger than 32” LCD (One monitor per seat)
Network Cable. 25ft or more highly recommended to guarantee reach of the closest switch.
Headphones & microphone – Speakers are not be allowed
Power cables
Keyboard Mouse & Mouse pad
Power strip
Bring Re-install software and drivers for your computer. In case you need to reinstall in the event of a system crash.
Chair – Chairs are provided but you are welcome to bring your own.
Food & Drinks – you can bring your own
Pillow and Blankets a Quiet room will be available

Tournaments & Contests
Leagues of legends (5 v 5) Bring your own team $25 team Cash tournament.
Counter Strike:GO (5 v 5) Bring your own team
Team Fortress 2 (5 v 5) random Teams
Supreme Commander 2 (1 v 1 )
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I'll be there.

Hope some other modders and overclockers can make the event. We're looking forward to it!
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Originally Posted by twodavez View Post

I'll be there.

Hope some other modders and overclockers can make the event. We're looking forward to it!

Good to hear! I really hope we can fill the place up. It would be nice to have a huge crowd.
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