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Lets make this short. I have a XB300 headphone, which I use with my Desktop PC. I like the headphone, very much. But the audio output is a little bit on the lower side, especially while watching movie, Matroska format (be it AAC or DTS), via WMP. And yesterday I went to my friend's who purchased a Steelseries Siberia sound card, a cheap 30 bucks one, and I found the sound was pretty loud and the audio was more or less clear at high with his Asus Orion headphone.
Anyway, the thing is which one shall I buy? An amplifier with DAC like those Fiio models or an external sound card? I know that DAC means Digital to Analog converter and all but really don't wanna go into any details.
So once again, I will buy this for my Sony XB300 headphone, especially for watching 1080P movies, with high and clear sound, and of course I won't give up on Bass, that's why I use XB series after all, however I guess with either I will have the bass even more boosted? And also I am a FPS gamer, so if possible a little detailed sound in gaming would be more than welcome, but my priorities remain with the movies, and music.

Thanks in advance.


PS: My budget is a tiny 50 bucks, that's all.