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7950 not responding....

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As the title says, my 7950 will not respond to Windows. I do not have a single idea as of how to fix this, it has never happened before. I took the measures to safely remove it when cleaning the dust out of the heat sink, but when I put it back in, it wouldn't respond. Help
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Can you explain what you mean by "will not respond"???
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It's like Windows won't recognize it because I can't seem to get the signal on my monitor( 42 inch Vizio)
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Take it out once again and re-seat.
Also make sure you plugged in the 6/8 pin power leads securely.
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I have reseated it 5 times, and all times the 6+8 pin connectors were seated properly and securely. I reinstalled the drivers as well, but windows does not seem to find it, and the fans spin to 100% with no picture being displayed.
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Similar thing happened when I exchanged the thermal paste on mine - black screen and no other signs of life.
Took the heatsink off, put it on again and it was back to life. Don't really know what went wrong.
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Try another PCI-e slot. This will cancel out the possibility of a dead card. Do you know how to properly uninstall drivers? Download driver sweeper and uninstall the drivers properly. If you don't know how I will explain it to you.
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I know how to do the complete wipe, and I will try out another pcie slot. Thanks for all the help guys! Hope this gets sorted out soon!
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you get image at bios and black screen on windows boot?
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No, I don't even get a signal from my graphics card. No bios screen or anything. Something that is very annoying is the 100% fan speed that I cannot change, and I have no idea how to fix this
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