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Fast movement, twitch movements, flick-shots cause negative acceleration.

I need a new mousepad - specifically one that won't destroy my mouse skates, and one that has a low lift-off distance (LOD).

Shidenkai was great for speed, great for low LOD, bad for fast movements.

Can anyone recommend me a good cloth pad that's very fast, slick, with very little-to-no friction, and produces a low LOD?

Also, is the new G400S acceleration and prediction free, with no angle snapping?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Is it only the Shidenkai that has negative acceleration, or does the Shiden have this problem as well?

How is the PureTrak White Talent pad with the G400?

PSS: My Shidenkai was Strawberry Milk color.

PPSS: Are the G400 and G400S skates the same? Considering gettting some PureTrak HD mouse skates.
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