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Monoprice ZERO-G vs. Qnix QX2710

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I've been lurking these forums for months, and it's about time for me to get a monitor. I was originally set on getting a Catleap or Crossover, but then I discovered two things: That Monoprice has an LG IPS monitor, and PLS is now a thing as of this year.

Here's how I see it:

+ Warranty
+ Maybe more consistent build quality
+ Doesn't ship from Korea
+ 'Murrican peace of mind factor
- $373.01 right now (coupon code + shipping)
- Less than 5 dead pixels

~Samsung PLS
+ Overclockable
+ Cheaper
+ Perfect Pixel
+ $310
- More frequent backlight issues (?)
- Ships from Korea

Honestly, I don't give a crap about overclocking the monitor. Response time is cool and all, but color accuracy is a higher priority for me.

It boils down to a few questions:
Does anybody here actually own the ZERO-G? It's supposed to be an update to the CrystalPro, so owners of that should definitely chime in.
In terms of color quality what's better, LG IPS or Samsung PLS?
What are the chances of getting a dud on either one?
Is it worth the risk of shipping from Korea vs. going Monoprice? I'm afraid shipping it all the way to Florida would result in worse backlight issues.
Is the Monoprice worth the extra $60 for a little more piece of mind?

Thanks a ton in advance!
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You might want to check this out since it brings down the price on that monoprice.
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