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Originally Posted by ugo1 View Post


I'm tryng to plug a cd-rom to marvell port. If I use the marvell the drivers the cd-rom is not listed in computer devices. In sistem properties are listed with a question mark. if I unistall marvell driver the are correctly see. Why?


Solved using 1.0.39 drivers (found on gigabyte forum)

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Hi Ardi,

What memory are you using with your board?

I am getting occasional lockups / problems with 32GB (8 pcs x 4GB) of Corsair Vengeance LP (White), even though it is set to 1600MHz and the Voltage at 1.5V. (It should run at 1.35V)

In the Bios (1301), I noticed that the 3rd/4th level timings for Channel D were different to the other modules, or is this reading for the AUTO setting coming from the board or the CPU?

I have just ordered the 32GB (4pcs x 8GB) Quad kit of Dominator Platinum 2133MHz CL9 which is not on the current (read - old) QVL for the P9X79-E WS, as the Dominator GT memory listed is now no longer available. Hopefully this will cure the issue, as this set is listed on the newer X79 Deluxe and Rampage IV Extreme Black Ed QVLs.

Finally, I also have an EVGA GTX 780 SC (Ref cooler) so also cannot get it to work as PCIE 3.0 smoothly - any updates from Asus yet on the matter?


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Hi Bayern777,

Are your 32GB (8 pcs x 4GB) sticks part of the same kit? How about the same revision? You will encounter problems if they are not. Are you running them in XMP profile?

My RAM is Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB (8x4GB) CMD16GX3M4A1866C9, two kits of 4 each. I got lucky and they have the same revision number and so far haven't had any RAM related issues.

Could you provide more information regarding your PCIE issues?

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Hi Ardi,

Thanks for the reply. I am now running a Quad Kit of 4 x 8GB 2133MHz - (Corsair CMD32GX3M4A2133C9) Revision 4.21.

At the moment, I have the CPU (4820K) running at Stock freq - 3.70GHz, but with Sync All Cores enabled (this seems to hold the C1 power saving from dropping back to 1200MHz). The memory is set to 2133MHz but not XMP yet; Voltage is set to 1.65V, and the Mem Controller voltage is at 1.2V.

Currently, stable running most things apart from Internet Explorer 11 x64 which is still Locking Up the system. Now using FireFox and so far, so good. It may be that IE11 was the problem, but I did get a number of system issues with the Vengeance LP White memory on other programs.

Are you overclocking your CPUs? If so, what settings are you using, and also what MB and CPU temps are you getting?

I have the system in a Nanoxia Deep Silence 5 E-ATX Case with a NZXT Kraken X60 (4 x 140mm Fans in Push-Pull) so airflow is not a problem.
Currently sitting with MB temp at 43, but CPU at 27 (all cores steady at 3.70GHz) on the desktop.

I have an eVGA GTX 780 SC with Reference cooler (so similar to your Titans) and it is working fine when the PCI-E setting in the Bios is left to AUTO. However, when I set it to Gen 3, there was a lot of frame "stutter" in programs like Dirt 2, and the system was extremely unstable in use. I did use the Gen 3 enable hack, but this hasn't produced a stable outcome on my rig. Only other card at present is a Soundblaster Z in Slot 7, so there shouldn't be any Interrupt / PLX issues with this.

Any help or thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


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Hi Mike,

It's good to hear that your system with the new Corsair Dominator Platinum is more stable.

I do overclock my system. I am currently at 4.5 GHz 24/7 stable under-volting offset of -0.04.

Here is how I overclock my system. I will send you my exact settings and numbers tonight when I go home:

1. Enable XMP to get a base line OC setting. My system is pretty stable on XMP. My memory is rated at 1866 MHz and 1.5 volts.
2. Bump up CPU multiplier to 45 (sync all cores) and as you noticed this locks the frequencies to 4.5GHz (C1 State)
3. VCore or CPU Offset to Manual (change + to -)
4. Change the offset to 0.04
5. Change CPU Load Line Calibration to extreme (not really needed)
6. Reboot and monitor the Vcore and temps using HWinfo64.

I will gather the temps and voltages once I get home tonight and post it back here.

Your temps look really good. Are those numbers under load?

The IE11 is most likely an NVidia driver issue. I've heard other people having the same exact problem as you described. I personally don't have much experience with IE11 since I use Chrome and have had no problems. Here is a registry hack you can try:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ Class\{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0000]

Add the following

"RmPowerFeature"=00000040 ( Dword and Hex)

Note that every time you install a video driver that registry hack is wiped. See if the registry hack fixes your Gen3 issues. I'll get back to you with more information regarding your Gen3 problems. What Windows version are you running? I doubt your sound card is the cause of your Gen3 woes, but have you tried to run your system without it?
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Hi Guys
was looking to get the black edition till i saw so many reboot problems. This is to be a work machine so stability is important but i do want to overclock underwater. Is this board a viable option against the black edition? can you tell me the main differences. I see it has less onboard usb headers and more pci slots. Hows the vrm on this under load? does it get silly hot like the extreme and black edition?
Anything other things to consider?
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@Bayern777, here are my temperatures during idle and under load (at 4.5GHz OC):
Note: that my CPU and the GPU's are water cooled.
ambient: 23 degrees Celsius
idle: CPU: max 29 degree Celsius GPU: max 27 degree Celsius (all three GPU's +-1 degree variations between them)
load (Prime95): CPU: max 53 degree Celsius GPU (Unigine Heaven): max 41 degree Celsius (all three GPU's +-1 degree variations between them)
Motherboard: overall temp is around 38 degree Celsius (this is the temp on PLX chips)

I don't know much about the RE Black but I hope you find this helpful.

I use this board 70% for work and 30% for gaming (BF4). My system has been 24/7 stable at mild OC (4.5 GHz VCore offset of -0.04). I can't really comment on how it performs under heavy overclocking though. I was also able to OC to 4.7 with VCore offset of +0.005. I use synthetic benchmarks like Unigine and Prime95 in relatively short periods to measure temperatures and voltages. The tools I use to measure stability on my systems are the applications I write or use which are mostly ray tracers like Optix or Octane. I wish someone would make a waterblock for this motherboard though frown.gif

With the right airflow, specially on the passive PLX heat sink, the motherboard doesn't get hot at all. I use Delta fans in my system and these fans suck the air out of my lungs once they are on smile.gif I only use pull config on the top radiator which cools the VRM also.

Overall, with the right components you can build a very stable system around this motherboard. But if extreme overclocking (4.7+ GHz) is what you seek then the black edition would be a better choice (assuming Asus fixes the problems you mentioned). Although wining the silicon lottery is a huge factor in OC stability also.
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Hi Guys,

Happy New Year to you all.

For info Bios 1406 for the P9X79-E WS has been released on the Asus website. Mentions USB 3.0 improvements as the main change, but hopefully will help out with stability + maturity on the board as well.


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Hi Gents,

An in-depth review of the board is now on Anandtech covered by Ian Cutress.

It has some good diagrams of the PLX arrangements on the board, and it seems to come out well for the type of market that it was intended for.

Well worth a look...


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Any of you have 7 graphics cards on this board?

Do you think the board could give enough energy to the gpus, even with that extra 6-pin connected?

I'm planning to put 7 AMD R9 280X on this motherboard, but I'm not sure if the motherboard could handle them.

They will be powered by 2x Silverstone Strider Gold, 1200w each.
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