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I ended up using the Thermaltake case I had used earlier in this thread for my original server (before the Norco) to put the 2600k inside.

That machine is now my new office PC.

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Some notes:

The Antec 300 case is crap. I've always said so. I've build 50 PC's in the last 5 years and I know crap when I see it. The fact that this case gets pretended to be the "ultimate" low cost budget mid towers just upsets me greatly.

I've read repeated BS reviews on it, but I can't say I see it the same way as the supporters do. First, my case was defective and I had to swap it out (power button not work). The replacement was then labeled wrong on the wires. Good thing I've build a bunch of PC can can figure out that PLED, Reset, etc... because the labels were just wrong. I had pictures in another thread. That was two strikes.

The worst thing I hate is how easy they scratch and how crappy the finish is on these things.

I am disappointed with Antec 300 (even for $40)

I've only built 2 systems in the case. I was careful and the thing stays in a bedroom closet. It should not be as scratched and banged up as it is with normal use.

In contrast- The Thermaltake case I used to put the 2600k in is over 5 years old. I bought it for a socket 775 Core2 Duo machine gaming machine. It's had 10 builds in it- been taken apart a bunch of times- even used for a server. Carried around from place to place... and the case is near mint. No scratches and considerably more durable than the Antec 300.

I dislike how the Antec is not sprayed on the inside too- giving that feel of cheap sheet metal. The coolermasters use that black powerdercoating to give it a nice feel and fit and finish. The Thermaltake is more polished and thicker in key areas. Even the cheap Rosewill units I have used I favor. Silverstone is much nicer too.. I have use those a bunch of times. Personally I would get a coolermaster or Rosewill for the same $$ next time.
But - it's only a HTPC in a closet so I guess... who cares biggrin.gif
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It's hard to appreciate how big the Coolermaster Case is.

Here is a shot of all three: (Antec 300 tower case looks small next to a 10 bay full tower Thermaltake Armor; the Antec 300 tower isn't small the Thermaltake full tower is just big. The Armor then looks small next to the Coolermaster wink.gif )

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Originally Posted by lagittaja View Post

I think you've won in the die lottery.

Seems so - at least so far.


My memory is running stock 2400mhz.

I am wondering if I tighten things up and go down to 1600mhz if I might see better.

So far... so good. This CPU likes it.
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A worthy note:

I have a unique way of applying my thermal paste. I wish took a video or a picture. I used Artic Silver 5- I spread it evenly to totally cover the cooler on the exact area it contacts the CPU.

I once had overheating issue on a 2500k machine- so I re-did it and saw amazing improvement. I have been doing it that way ever since and my systems seem to run cool even when I beat on them.

Having a Cosmos II case I am sure helps too. The case is just plain awesome. Its the quietest case I've ever owned, and also the coolest.

I'm looking at a good water cooler - or some type of liquid radiator but I have just begun exploring my options. The Cosmos II has some fit issues if I recall - so I will have to do some good research but I think that might help me go hard.

I generally don't like to overclock and push a brand new CPU generation until I have seen some feedback. I am not into being a test bed myself. With the 4770k I have honestly done zero reading on the results so I have no clue where I can go with it or what others have seen yet. That is my hesitation with pushing this thing.

I ran the XS test (but I have no clue what it does or what it means... lol )

A couple clicks and I beat the high score. (do I win a prize? )

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During test:

After test:

Temps actually shot up to 60c for a split second... but quickly back down.
I'll have to run a more intensive test to see what's up but with normal use- there is no reason you can't run 4400mhz all day long on this thing. It is very stable.
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during test ^ (I am sure copy pasting in MS PAINT on second monitor during test didn't maximize results... lol )

and below:

Immediately upon completion ^

I saw temps jump up a bit but still in the 40c range...

It was a quick test... but still. Not bad.

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I'm at 4400mhz.... I cranked up the fan speed to 1000rpm. Temps dropped down... lol

I ran the SVP test to see what happens.

Even after 6 of 8 tests the temps were pretty low. My PC is in my home office. It's about 72 degrees in here. (no AC)
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Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post

I think the point was a 4670k or 4770k is going to stress a stock intel fan - which is not really up for the duties demanded.

Two things happen: (Both bad)

First- The stock Intel Fan must run hard, increasing noise due to higher RPM speed.

Second, The CPU runs hotter than ideal because the stock Intel fan is limited in cooling capability.

When you upgrade the fan a couple things happens: One it can get quieter (not that Intel stock fans are super loud. They are usually quiet unless your going hard). Two, Temps can drop down.

I picked up a Coolermaster EVO2 212 air cooler at Microcenter last week for $19.99. I believe it was marked wrong, but I confirmed the price with the checkout girl. They had a pile of them at the front of the store bulked out with a sign. I believe the non EVO was supposed to be $19.99 and the EVO was $29.99 (still good value) but since it was marked wrong I bought it. I bought it as a last minute after thought much like you would add a candy bar or pack of gum at a grocery checkout. Looking back I am glad I did, because for $20 it saved me the trouble of having to remove my other after market cooler I was originally going to re-use from my 2600k machine.

My long term plan is for a water cooler, which is why I did not want to get too serious with an air cooler or spend big $$. But for $20 the EVO is a great air cooler if you can fit it.

I added a second 120mm fan so there is a fan on both sides of the large radiator.

The results are it is super quiet because most of the time it is going at very low RPM. Lower the RPM the quieter the sound. That is why a high end cooler can often be quieter and cool better than a stock cooler. It cools much better because it's like 5 times the size of the stock intel cooler with more radiator, more surface area, and two 120mm fans moving more air than a small single fan.

Disclaimer: I run a 3570k in my HTPC with stock intel cooler and it's in my bedroom and I hear nothing. No hate on Intel stock coolers. For non overclocked situations they work fine on any mid range or under CPU.

Here is some pics from my Haswell:

Stock Cooler:

$19 Coolermaster:

You can see I added the second 120mm Fan I had laying around a silent X fan from my Norco 4220 fan blade upgrade- I used that. It's very quiet for a cheap fan. The Trident G SKill Memory I used has a high top plate so it's a clearance issue if you wanted to use 16GB or if you wanted to use slots 1 and 3 (I used 2 and 4 and only 8GB) As you can see there was barely enough clearance.
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Originally Posted by lagittaja View Post

Now do some stress testing or do some encoding to see whether or not it it's actually stable.. biggrin.gif
Also keep the ram at 2400Mhz. The actual latency goes down when you increase the speed. So 2400Mhz CL11 is definitely better than say 2133 CL9


I am at standard timings of my Trident memory. I never changed a thing. In the bios it's set on "auto" lol.

I really have just begun to mess around. Thanks for the link

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