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Probably won't help a whole lot either though tongue.gif. Depending on what else is going into the rig and what it will be used for you may benefit more from the LGA 2011/X79 platform itself (increased memory capacity, memory bandwidth and number of PCIE lanes).

LGA1155 will be as obsolete as LGA1156 soon. LGA2011 will give users an upgradeable option, whereas the 3770K is as good as it gets. For LGA2011, you can have 1-8 cores to run (from disabling every core but CORE0, to enabling all on an octo-core Xeon), the Ivy Bridge-E release, and maybe Haswell, although I hear it's going to be X99, LGA2011-3 with DDR4. If I were computerjunkie, I would wait a year until X99/Haswell-E. I already have a Rampage IV Extreme and can't wait until Ivy Bridge-E, but if I had a choice of going back in time, I would not have purchased it only because Haswell-E is just around the corner.

thanks for the heads up...but waiting a year will be quite long for me, I am itching for a desktop setup, my 14 inch ultrabook is not cutting it.I need more screen estate and power under the hood..because i'll be developing loads soon!at the end of the day intel will keep changing the socket to make more money, they know there is a community(overclock and others) which knows that ever since sandy bridge there has not been a SIGNIFICANT improvement in the desktop sector.
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