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Hi guys.

I've been searching google for the last four hours trying to solve this issue, given up and need direct help if somebody would be so kind. smile.gif

I have x2 4GB sticks of GSkill Ripjaw-X 1600mhz RAM in my Asus P8P67-Pro mobo, been running fine for over a year. I decided to double to 16GB and ordered an identical kit. It bluescreened my rig repeatedly.

Upon checking in the BIOS, using the spd tool I found that the two new sticks were being seen as 1333mhz speed. The name was right (12800CL8). So I figured GSkill had put the wrong RAM in the heat jackets and arranged an RMA. CPUID reports exactly the same.

Then I put my original sticks into the secondary slots and the new stuff into the primaries, now my old RAM was 1333mhz and the new stuff was 1600mhz.

I've tried the CL-RTC reset jumper, no joy. Did it with CMOS battery out, no joy. Just flashed to the latest BIOS, no joy.

I can set all the RAM to run at 1333mhz and no crashing but that's not a fix I'm prepared to tolerate.

I'm ready to drop a nuke on ASUS, so if anyone can tell me just what the hell is going on with this stuff I'd be eternally grateful. Courier is picking up the RAM tomorrow for a refund, so...