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I'm having issues with my 7850, having searched extensively for 2 days for a solution I am at wits end, any help at this point would be massively appreciated.

Just some background: I have had this graphics card for 3 months now, it has been running stable at a moderate OC during that time of 1100/1400.
However I have always wanted to push this card to its limit when I get a chance which is when the problems have cropped up.
Also because of it running stable at stock (except for the occasional tearing) i'm extremely reluctant to RMA it unless I have to due to my location.

Some system info:
Windows 7 - 64 Bit
13.6 Beta 2 (After cleaning out old driver)
Sapphire 7850 OC Edition
1100/1400/1.138V (Stock)
Currently I use AfterBurner on mode 2 to disable Powerplay as this was causing me additional issues.

The first issue is, I can no longer apply my overclock automatically on start up within AB since updating my drivers from 13.2 to 13.6. However I cannot downgrade my drivers back as this driver update has resolved some lingering graphics issues I had with other applications.
Whenever I do apply the settings on start up I get a BSOD caused by atikmdag.sys or a GSOD.
Though when I apply the overclock manually after the machine has finished booting it runs without issue. so I believe there is something else at fault.

Voltage control; whenever I try to change voltage in AB this causes a BSOD again with the same error as above.
It will however change within Trixx without an issue, but this doesn't have a method to disable powerplay so I get a BSOD/GSOD when it switches back to 2D clocks after being at 3D clocks for a while.

So my questions are:
1. Is there any other methods to disabling Powerplay? If I can disable it without using AB I am free to use Trixx which so far (touch wood) hasn't had any issues.
2A. Something I have noticed from my searching is that ATI is generally locked down especially when dealing with voltage, is the BSOD when changing voltage some kind of protection put in by ATI?
2B. If so is there any way to bypass it?
3. If I have to stick with AB has anybody else had this issue with BSOD/GSOD happening when clocks are applied automatically at boot and if you managed to solve it, how?
4. Also on a small off topic side: has anyone managed to disable Intel Raid from doing a verification after a dirty shutdown? The 5 minute boot time after a BSOD probably isn't helping my stress levels and I've only ever had a really quick look for a workaround due to this graphics card.

Thanks in advance.