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Memory upgrade worth it?

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Morning guys, I recently upgraded to the sabertooth R2.0 board, from an M88 which had a max supported speed of 1600 mhz.

I have two Corsair 1600 mhz dual channel kits(2gb sticks) stock specs are 9-9-9-24 however currently running at 8-9-8-21.

This new board can support up to 1866, so I can likely get a set of 2133 Mhz for it right? and clock it up with FSB?

I was looking at the G.Skill RipjawsZ which is 2133 11-11-11-30.

Are they good memory? Can the timings be tightened much?

Is the faster speed going to help gaming performance? Will the extra size help? (8>16)

Just waiting on steamroller to come out, so looking for stuff to upgrade in the meantime, and I've had my memory for a few years now..

I don't really know much about memory.

PS: that memory doesnt list any AMD boards on its support list, something to worry about, or is that just in regards to the Intel XMP?

I've decided not to get another 7970, so if I dont need the memory I'll likely get another 840 pro and raid0 or something, Advice?

Edit: I've just found out that the dual channel 2stick kits have better timings (9-11-10-28 vs 11-11-11-30), is it a better idea to get two dual channel kits?
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No, only get a single kit of RAM. If you want 16GB, get a 16GB kit.

Here is the kit you should get:




If you really want 4 x 4GB, these are best:




Oh yea, and no AMD boards because it is with regards to XMP.

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Originally Posted by timisyourfriend View Post

No, only get a single kit of RAM. If you want 16GB, get a 16GB kit.

I'm slightly confused by this comment, do you mean get a one dual channel kit vs two dual channel kits, or a dual channel kit instead of a quad channel (4 stick kit)?

I know AMD doesnt support quad channel, but ive always thought the 4 stick kits have better compatibility with eachother, vs getting two of the same dual channel kits, and sometimes they're pretty evenly priced

Leave 2 of my dimms unoccupied??
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Yea, it is best to use the 4 stick kit even though your motherboard does not support quad channel. Doing so guarantees the RAM at rated specifications. The memory will be perfectly matching for two dual channels. Some times people try two separate dual channel kits and they have to downclock for everything to work properly. DDR3-1866 RAM has to be used at DDR3-1600, but you don't want that. You pay money for the good guaranteed spec.

16GB can be found as 2 x 8GB (dual) or 4 x 4GB (quad), but either should work just fine.

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Awesome, because I was going t get the quad channel kit.

I was going to get the RipjawsZ 2133mhz stuff, has timings of 9-11-10-28

Link: http://www.computeralliance.com.au/ddr3-16gb-%284x4g%29-g.skill-2133mhz-ripjawsz-ram-kit-pn-f3-17000cl9q-16gbzh

Is getting faster memory over the memory I have now worth the upgrade?

I have these Corsair sticks at 7-9-8-20-29 1644mhz (8gb 4x2gb sticks)

Will I notice a performance increase?

There are a lot of people that say you should have slower ram with tighter timings, but at what speed does the increased speed of the ram outweigh the faster timings?

Purely for gaming, so I'm wondering if I should go for higher clock speed and get faster clock speed ram, or just get the lowest timing 1600mhz ram I can find.

any memory experts out there? lol
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