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I would be curious if somebody installed just the OS on a 64GB drive and no programs, would out of the box performance continue or still deteriorate in a matter of hours or days as others have reported. This would leave like 45 GB of free space. Crucial is constantly releasing new firmware. Perhaps the newest one will address this.
It will drop again after a secure erase. if you just reinstall without a secure erase there will be no difference in performance. They said it is not a concern to look into for a firmware update/fix as well.
It would make for an interesting experiment if somebody could post a spreadsheet and have everybody with one of the troublesome drives post all of their info. Maybe some trends could be seen. We could look at power on hours, wear leveling, data written to drive, length of time owned, used space vs free space, usage patterns, OS processes that read and write to the drive, firmware, and any other relevant data. Creating this document and posting it is just a little above my knowledge base. I'm not very well versed on the forum functions besides "reply" and "submit."
they have a thread at the crucial forum for that