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Hi just going to change my rad from my 120 to an EK XTX360 to go in case roof my question is what do you recommend barbs to the front or to the rear of case as i see it has both plus/minuses how i have it now is d/b EK spin res and pump is at bottom between psu and hd cage.
so pipe from res to pump stays and just need to change pipe from pump to rad/rad to cpu.
It would be shorter slightly with barbs to rear to cpu.

The other thought was on if i wanted to put a 480 rad in later?
But guess could get it up as far forward as can so can cut hole longer.

Not got a gpu in loop yet as mines a HIS iceQ 6870 with fancy cooler so if keep as is can sell complete when changing for newer card!

If you look at my pics you can see runs.