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I'm almost finished with my most recent build/mod. One of my features is using a slim dvd burner from a laptop. This optical drive requires one of those 5.25" bay adapters to make it fit properly. On this 5.25" bay adapter is a 3.5" bay. I'm looking for some kind of device to fill this spot. Preferably something cool. I already have a 6-fan controller by Lian Li so that's covered. I was thinking something along the lines of a temp sensor or just something that will look cool. I do not really have any need for a card reader or a HDD bay. Any suggestions?

This build is pretty cool. I am using a Fractal Design Arc Mini. I was able to fit inside a 280mm radiator in push, a 120mm radiator in push/pull, a large DDC 3.2 w/ XSPC acrylic reservoir top, a GTX670, 2 3.5" HDDs, 2x SSDs, 2 other PCI devices. I was going for a compact but powerful PC. I don't think you can fit anything else in this baby.