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So I jokingly told someone that I'd sell my SLI N670GTX PE 2GD5/OC's for $600.
WTH right. rolleyes.gif

Not really looking to sell so I wasn't serious, didn't think he was either.
Well now a few hours later I'm sitting here with over $600 in my hand. wth.gif

Take the money or not, and if so then what.?
GTX 780 and then save up for SLI with those or SLi GTX 770's now and call it a day. thinking.gif

Seriously I have three options and not sure what to do.
Please drop your thoughts. 2cents.gif

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jeez....I only got 420 for mine (as in both of them), though I got tired of waiting for a sale

I say 780 definitely. 770 feels like a side grade coming from 670 SLi I bet
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GTX 780 and try something new. GTX 670s, 680s and 770s feel like the same kind of cards to me, and myself would like to try something new. Besides, a GTX 780 could handle it's own @1080p in 99% of everything with max sets.

Even Crysis 3 will run like butter without AA and pretty awesome still with 2xMSAA
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3840 x 1024 mini Surround resolution is what the SLi N670's are running now.
so the GTX 780 would have to run that by itself for now, I am thinking of 1440P monitor instead of the mini Surround though..
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but then I could go GTX 780 and then maybe SLi my 680's later for cheap.
move my 780 over to my 1080p rig...

now I'm more confused..
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EVGA GTX 780 ACX SC and call it a day thumb.gif
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only few I can find are $750+ because you got the last of the accessible stock.. mad.gif
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Originally Posted by malmental View Post

only few I can find are $750+ because you got the last of the accessible stock.. mad.gif

lol, i got the non acx, there was one in the market. let me search....
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Seems like everyone is sold out of the ACX, but you can pre-order from amazon (that 1-2 months is an overestimate, might ship within a week or two if your order).

Other then that, the GB WF3 is out and the TF3 should out soon if not already.

Or, pick up a reference one. The Titan cooler is a lot better then the traditional turbine cooler.
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I could SLi my GTX 680 DCII TOP for $380..
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