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I have a i5-750 that can't seem to get past 4.0Ghz without using upwards of 1.4 volts. I am able to boost the base clock all the way to 220mhz with a Vtt of 1.375v, but even at a bclock of 190Mhz, I can't seem to push 4.0Ghz without at least 1.425v.
I am using an Asus P7P55D motherboard. I seem to get a bit more stability with "Xtreme Phase Full Power Mode" enabled, but I don't seem much of a difference between having Load Line Calibration on or off, so I have it disabled to prevent dangerous voltage spikes. I have Speedstep enabled, and C1E, but I have C2-C5 disabled to disable Turbo Boost, as I don't have temperature issues. I have my PLL voltage at 2.00v, and my PCH voltage at 1.15.

Am I doing anything wrong that is preventing me from achieving 4.0Ghz without using crazy amounts of Voltage? I got this CPU used, and the previous owner said he ran the chip at 4.2Ghz @1.412v for six months.
If my settings aren't holding me back and I just have a bad mobo, would there be a severe lifespan decrease or a high risk of killing my chip if I ran it at a voltage like 1.475v or 1.5v? I am using Speedstep, so I will only run the chip at those voltages when I'm gaming. I plan to keep my CPU for another 2 years until SkyIake is released. I can definitely keep my CPU under 100C running Intel Burn Test at Maximum using 1.5v, so temperature is not an issue.