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┬┤Hello sorry if this has been covered but I did search here and internet

I am thinking of getting 2 off Powercolor 7870 myst 2gb

I heard that it could be a problem with older Mobo's

My mobos are ASUS M4N72e (PII x4 940 BE CPU)
and a Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 (Rev 1.0) (PII x4 965 BE CPU )

Neither has a new version BIOS...i.e after october 2012..

Has anyone sucessfully run this card on an older set up ?????????????
Or a link to any info...Powercolor support in Sweden/europe seems very limited.

Thanks in advance

SORRY WRONG SECTION i RE-POSTED IN Official] 7870 Tahiti LE (XT) Owners Club

PLEASE MODS DELETE...sorry again!!!!!
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