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Is anyone running an 8300+ on this board? I'm mainly referring to v3.1 with the better power, but if you're running one on a later version, great.

The main oc thread I see for this board the person had trouble with an 8120 going above 2.8ghz, but going by the date, the F5a bios wasn't out yet.

Gigabyte lists the 95w 8120 and 8300, and doesn't list the 8150 or 8320 or 8350. I know it definitely won't be a hardcore oc'er, if at all, but just wondering if I should bother going down that road. Hard to find posts anywhere of anyone even having tried the 8 cores on that board. The easier and probably more logical thing would be to stick an x6 in it, but 8 cores is more interesting than 6.