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Awesome subs already smile.gif and ill be posting pics as progress goes along. And my computer hardware is asus rampage iv extreme intel 3930k (sandy bridge ftw) asus gtx 690 (very possible sli) corsair dominator platinum ram corsair ax1200i and ill be buying an ssd soon I mean whenever I find out what ssd I want lol thank you for subbing I hope youll enjoy my build smile.gif

Such cheap garbage! I only purchase parts made out of solid gold and hand-crafted unicorn horn.

Actually, I am almost finished accumulating my gear to upgrade my existing build to a modest CPU water loop. I only have one lonely 360 rad. I will follow your build closely though. My pump is in the mail and the only thing I have left to buy is the reservoir. I went with Swiftech fittings because they were the only black fittings available at Microcenter. Call me crazy, but I still try to shop in stores. I like being able to return things.

Your build looks amazing. Everything is top-of-the-line. I cannot wait to see it come together.