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I am using a Striker II Formula in a rig I am building to resell. It isn't intended to be the mother of all gaming rigs, but a good entry level rig that is game ready.
Specs are:
Striker II Forumula
Core 2 Quad Q6600
8gb DDR2 800
Corsair CX600 PSU

I recieved the motherboard today, and couldn't wait to tear into some boxes. So I spent 2 hours or so getting it all put in a case. When I finished I powered it up and everything worked as it should as far as lights and LEDs, but there is no video output. I tested the videocard in an old compaq i have laying around. It is A-OK. I have tried HDMI and DVI. Any ideas? Right now it is setting with the Cmos battery pulled. I will put it back in in the morning and see what happens. I am also goint to blow out the PCIe slots before I put power to it again.