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fx 8320 please advise on several things

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purchased 2 x 4 GB patriot viper 3 1866mhz ( 9-9-9-24 CAS ) to replace my 3 x 4 GB 1333 MHZ Kingston Value ( 9-9-9-24)
Also purchased a cooler master hyper 412 slim dual fan to replace the stock noisy heat piped 5000rpm **** heap.
and a haf xb case

i have asus m5a97 ( not revision 2 ) although if someone can tell me the difference please do smile.gif

how much better would 1866mhz be over 1333mhz for overclocking
would the 1866mhz stuff default at that speed and latency without any messing with voltages and cas latencys
how much better does the fx perform on 1866mhz stuff.
how much better cooling should I expect compared to my stock fan at stock 3.5 speeds and beyond
what is the average stable speeds overlcoking the 8320 without going nuts on voltage and not something I cant realisticly hit with this cooler smile.gif

sorry about the questions . expecting delivry Monday smile.gif
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Ive never found RAM speed to matter at all at least in what I use a computer for which is internet, gaming and light photo editing. I mean I went from DDR2-800 up to DDR3-1600 and noticed nothing.

As for the cooler, FX chips put out a lot of heat so youll want something pretty beefy. A H80i or Noctua D14 are usually about the minimum you should be using if youre wanting maximum overclocks out of these things.
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