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Looking to replace my 580 + sell it. They seem to be selling for around 200+ on ebay, and with the current price drops and the never settle reloaded. I could literally come out with a 7970 with just paying for the games (if you think of it that way biggrin.gif).

Anyways, I really only want to do this if I can find a voltage unlocked 7970. I have been eyeing the Vapor-X since it was released. (Yeah, it's been that long). I knew it was an awesome card. Just wondering what people are getting with these. I've hit mixed google search results. Claiming these are / aren't voltaged unlocked. And people saying you can always unlock with Trixx. (Don't know what this is ... yet).

Anyways, my 1080p might be getting an upgrade to 1440p soon. Or to 3x 1080p. So I am definitely in the market for an upgrade.