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Memory bad?

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So, last night firefox crashed for no reason while I was sleeping, so I got suspicious that my RAM is bad.

I ran the windows memory diagnostic tool, it passed the normal test, but on the extended test it froze at 21% (and I tried twice). I then tried running memtest86, and that passed (I only did 1 pass since I have 32GB of RAM, so it takes a long time to run the test).

So the memory actually bad? Or is windows memory diagnostic just a microsoft piece of crap?
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Do a memtest for each stick of ram alone. That should speed up the test and tell you if a certain stick is bad. Also, firefox crashing shouldn't be a big issue. I'd be more worried if a BSOD was there or if the system complete froze. Make sure your FF is up to date and test to see if the crashing continues.
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I did a test for all 32 GB and there's no errors (in memtest86). Also, no BSODs or OS problems. I've had games crash too though.

Doing it separately wouldn't really "speed it up" since I'd have to run the test 4 times, and have to keep swapping out memory sticks.

If anything it would take longer because it wouldn't be able to use dual channel memory.

Funny thing is, I did a google and a bunch of other people have had windows memory diagnostic freeze at 21% too..
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