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idle and load are the same as the h60 ... 1.22 @ 4.2ghz on a i5 4670k but how long does the paste take to cure ?
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your voltage is quite low atm. If you bumped voltage to 1.3v, you would see a stark contrast in temps between the h60 and h100. thumb.gif

the paste which comes on the h100/i by default should not have any curing time. if you're using aftermarket paste, curing will depend on the specific paste you have.
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im using the paste that came with the h100 smile.gif so 1.3 volt save with the i5 4670k ? most things I read say 1.25 ?
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up to 1.4v is considered "safe" by most people (including myself) in the Haswell Overclocking Thread, but considering you're not delidded yet, I think 1.28v-1.30v would be a sweet spot for you and your h100.

if you want a bit of help with your haswell overclocking, best bet would be to head over the thread I linked above and read the first post. If you still need a hand after that, drop a reply in the thread and someone will help you out (possibly me! tongue.gif )
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1.3v turns the numbers red on my msi z87m gaming ...
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this isn't exactly the thread to do this with, but set the following:

Vcore: 1.28v (this will more than likely result in a actual vcore of 1.30v under intense load)
VRIN (also known as VCCIN): 1.88v (this will likely result in VRIN of 1.90v under load) <- don't be alarmed by that number, this voltage is voltage which enters your 'entire cpu package', and most people feel that 1.90v is a good place to sit at when overclocking. By default, the VRIN value for your system is more than likely 1.75v-1.85v.

red text doesn't mean much; I have similar colour-coded texts on my Asus board. It's fine if you know what you're changing. thumb.gif

all this being said, it would be easier if you went to the Overclocking Thread and provided a bit more info on your system and the variables you're changing, as this ensures you don't enter a incorrect setting somewhere wink.gif
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We should just have a list for everyone interesting in chatting. Put your name and the messenger you use. That would be cool. That way when we are about to post and it gets a little off topic we can just send a message directly to someone. Of course, we can use PM for that, but it's not that fast as far as back and forth dialogue.
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With my test, H100i could withstand a little bit over 1.3v @ 4.5/4.6ghz, but you'll get temp near 90 degrees celcius in prime 95. At thoses temps you'll have to run the H100i in performance mode and enjoy his music smile.gif

I use to run at 4.5ghz 1.265v but I now drop to 4ghz at base voltage (i5 4670K). There's not much of a difference in performance an I can run my H100i in silent mode even in prime95 at around 65 degres celcius.

The 500mhz gain is not worth the 20+ degrees in temp and the noise generated by the h100i for somme more FPS smile.gif
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So I decided to finally put together my rig smile.gif It was in a 400R but I just moved it into a 350D. Currently testing some stuff before final pics.
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so hopefully i am not reviving an old thread, but this is my first desktop project, if you have any suggestions on fan orientation let me know.
so the specs are:
asus b85m-e
samsung 840 120gb
seagate 1tb 7200rpm
8gb ram
MSI gtx 770 lightning
3 noctua 140/120mm fans
2 corsair pwm fans
corsair tx750w (non modular)

on the back i had to connect the leds and the fans to potentiometers. there is a separate knob for each.
i will be upgrading to a i7-4770 and a asus gryphon z87 motherboard in a couple months, and i might buy a h100i and put it venting at the top. but the fan configuration is..... top intake, front intake, back exhaust
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