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i7-4770K vs i7-4820K

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I'm planning to get i7-4770K but should I wait for i7-4820K? Based on Intel's latest leaked roadmap, the chip will come in the third quarter of this year. The price difference between both chips could be minor just like i7-3770K compared with i7-3820. Anandtech's bench shows that i7-3770K beats i7-3820. How can a LGA1155 (3770K) beats LGA2011 (3820)? Could we expect the same thing for i7-4770K vs i7-4820K? At the end of the day, my decision will also depend on the price of the 2011 mobo for i7-4820K (only if its better than i7-4770K) at retail price in my country and the lack of mobo choices.

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Do you need anything greater than the 4770K? You're asking about a processor nobody has any solid information on.
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Originally Posted by adamlee05 View Post

Do you need anything greater than the 4770K?
If you considered the 4820K is greater than 4770K at the same price range, then yes.
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That is not the definition of need. Also, unless you own both a Z87 board, and 4820 compatible board at the time, then the price of the individual CPU's alone is a lie. You must factor in the cost of the board and CPU together before you compare performance per dollar.

Most importantly however, there is no solid performance information on the 4820 yet, so you're question really can't be answered until we have some.
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