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This is a very confusing problem and I have no clue how to fix it after many attempts.

So first things first my headphones which are V-Moda CrossFade LPs and my motherboard is an ASRock Z75 Pro3(uses Realtek Audio).

Just today I was watching YouTube videos and my headphones could barely produce sound. Everything was really low so I turned up my volume and started to hear everything slur together. So I figured maybe the browser was acting up so I restarted Firefox and still was the same.

After this occurred I listened to some music on iTunes and everything I listened to from Classic to Screamo was just instrumental sounding, the lyrics were very faint. So I took the headphones and unplugged them and used the iPhone cable instead and again that didn't help.

I plugged both cables into my iPod and music played fine so I knew it was my computer.

I then tried messing with the audio configurations and that didn't work. I made sure everything was plugged in right and pushed down fully.

So I had one last idea and that was to plug the headphone cable into the rear audio ports, more specifically the green one. and everything sounded perfect.

I considered maybe the front case audio jack may be bad but I just recently bought my Fractal Design Define R4 and my old Antec 300 gave similar issues using the same motherboard so I ruled that out.

Now the only thing I can assume is that the onboard audio connector is bad. Maybe I am wrong but that's why I came here to see if I am right and how to fix this. Will a sound card fix this issue or am I just stuck with the Rear I/O?